When to Hire a Disability Lawyer

December 7, 2016
Dayes Law Firm

Whether you are considering filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, have already filed a claim or have been denied benefits, it is vital that you contact a disability lawyer for legal advice as soon as possible.

Our trusted Phoenix Social Security disability attorneys can advise you of all of your options for obtaining the full benefits you deserve while making sure that all deadlines are met and all paperwork is complete.

The Application Process

Although the SSA requires that disabilities last or be expected to last 12 consecutive months, this does not mean you have to wait 12 months to file for disability benefits.

Because the Social Security Administration pays retroactive benefits and backpay for the time between your filing date and approval date, it is important to file as soon as you determine you have a qualifying condition. Some applicants can receive benefits for 12 months prior to their approval date, while others miss out on important benefits because they do not file a claim on time.

If your disability improves and you can return to work during the application process, your claim can be withdrawn. Similarly, if you suffer from a time-limited disability that lasted for a recent 12 months, it may be possible to get disability benefits for a closed period of time.

Your attorney will play a vital role in helping prepare your application by gathering all of the necessary medical evidence, ensuring all documents and forms are completed accurately, and helping you complete any important questionnaires. Your claim will move more quickly through the process if it is completed correctly the first time.

The Appeals Process

If you already applied for disability and were denied, a disability lawyer can assist you in filing an appeal. We will keep track of all appeal deadlines and gather any additional information that may be beneficial to your appeal.

We can also help re-open an old claim that was denied, but not appealed, potentially leading to a larger back payment.

Applying for disability benefits is a long and complicated process that can be made much easier with the help of a disability attorney. We will guide you through the entire process and will help make sure you claim is the best it can be.

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