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Welcome to Dayes Law Firm, where legal excellence meets tailored solutions for every stage of your personal and professional journey. As a multifaceted law firm, we'll work with you in estate planning, tax controversy, probate litigation, ERC compliance, business formation, and tax resolution, offering a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your legal needs under one roof.

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional legal services with integrity, professionalism, and a relentless dedication to achieving the best possible results for our clients. Trust us to be your partners in success, guiding you through every legal challenge and opportunity with confidence and clarity.
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"Dealing with the IRS can be pretty scary, especially if it is a corporate or business issue and the client has never dealt with the IRS before. I like to take the fear out of dealing with the IRS."

Tim Tonkin
C.O.O. - Attorney

"We know the IRS is working day and night with an army of people trying to figure out how to pay as little as possible – we need to work even harder."

Dennis Evans
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"Every case is a puzzle and the best part of putting a puzzle together is getting to the end and seeing the results"

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"I want to make sure that everyone who trusts me to get a job done receives excellent service and top notch legal representation and would feel comfortable sending their friends and families my way."

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"I'm resolute in my focus on finding the best tax strategies for my clients and I'm always steadfastly client-centric."

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Whether you're dealing with estate planning, probate litigation, ERC compliance, tax controversy, business formation, or tax resolution, our experienced attorneys are here to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and help you explore your options.

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Our goal is to provide peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones. Our experienced attorneys can create personalized wills, trusts, and advanced directives that reflect your unique wishes and circumstances.


Our experienced Tax Attorneys are well versed in the inner workings of the IRS and related state taxation agencies. They deal with collections, audits, appeals, and U.S. Tax Court – related items on behalf of individuals or businesses.


Our business solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and established companies alike. We provide expert guidance on business formation, helping you choose the right structure and navigate the complexities of legal compliance.


Probate is the judicial or court mechanism by which this occurs when someone has no will, has a will, or has a trust but failed to fund all assets into that trust, leaving them subject to probate.

ERC Compliance
and Audit

The IRS may conduct an ERC audit to verify that an employer has accurately calculated and claimed the credit in accordance with the provisions of the CARES Act and subsequent legislation.


Without proper guidance and coordination, multinational organizations can spend enormous amounts of time and resources addressing tax disputes across jurisdictions.

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From our intake team to our lead attorneys, at Dayes Law Firm, we understand you're coming to us for help and we're humbled that you chose our firm. We have the experience, the resources, and the commitment to get you the justice you deserve.

Some Frequently Asked Questions We Receive From Our Clients

Tax Court is a Federal Trial Court established by Congress with appointed Judges that serve for 15 year termsSenior Judges are retired judges that can be recalled to help with the Tax Court as neededThe Tax Court is not associated with the IRS other than Tax Court was created as the forum to hear disputes between taxpayers and the IRS.

An IRS audit is a review of a taxpayer’s financial information and records to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. Audits can be conducted either by mail (correspondence audit) or in person (field audit). 

If you receive a notice of an IRS audit, it’s essential to respond promptly and follow the instructions provided. Failure to respond to an audit notice can result in adverse consequences, including penalties and additional taxes. Call us immediately at 800-503-2000

The IRS will be looking for information to determine eligibility for the creditThis information will include financial information including gross revenue, profits and loss statements, payroll information and tax returns including income and payroll returnsIn addition, the IRS will want information about PPP loans, if taken, and if the taxpayer uses the Government Shutdown Test, all the appropriate governmental orders that affected the business.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) is a refundable tax credit available to eligible employers who retained employees during specific periods impacted by COVID-19 or experienced a significant decline in gross receipts. 

You might consider revisiting your ERTC claim if you believe there were errors or omissions in your initial claim, if you’ve received new information that impacts your eligibility, or if you’ve discovered potential opportunities to maximize your credit.

An IRS installment agreement is a payment plan that allows taxpayers to pay off their tax debt over time in fixed monthly installments, rather than in a single lump sum.

An IRS Offer in Compromise is a program that allows qualifying taxpayers to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount owed. It provides a fresh start for taxpayers who are unable to pay their tax liabilities in full. 

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