Tim Tonkin is a Chief Operating Officer with Dayes Law Firm. As an attorney keenly focused on helping consumers against the interests of big business and/or government, Tim has devoted his career to advocating for his clients both with tax law cases and in personal injury litigation matters.

Since graduating from Arizona State University College of Law as a Pedrick Scholar in 2000, Tim has focused on litigating cases and spending time in the courtroom. He earned special status with the State Bar of Arizona in 2013 as a certified specialist in Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation and was the 2018 co-chairman of the State Bar of Arizona’s College of Trial Advocacy.

Tim splits his focus between helping individuals who have been wrongly injured through no fault of their own and helping businesses obtain their full benefits under the IRS tax code. He has a thorough understanding of tax law and has obtained comprehensive experience in ensuring that taxpayers are treated fairly and that their legal rights are always preserved.

Tim has a strong background in business operations and creative business solutions. He is motivated every day to find the absolute best people, processes, and systems to make sure clients at Dayes Law Firm receive professional and innovative solutions to their issues.  We know the IRS is working day and night with an army of people trying to figure out how to pay as little as possible – we need to work even harder.

Tim has been a valued member of our team for almost two decades.