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Navigating the submission process for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) can be complex and time-consuming. At Dayes Law Firm, we’ll assist you in ERC submissions, ensuring your claims are accurately prepared and timely filed to maximize your benefits. Our experienced tax attorneys provide comprehensive support throughout the entire ERC submission process, giving you peace of mind and confidence.  Fill out the form below for your Free Consultation!

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Experienced Tax Professionals: Our team consists of seasoned tax attorneys and experts with in-depth knowledge of ERC regulations and submission requirements. We stay updated with the latest IRS guidelines to ensure your claims are compliant and optimized.

Customized Solutions: We understand that each business has unique circumstances. We tailor our approach to fit your specific needs, ensuring your ERC claims are accurately calculated and properly documented.

Comprehensive Support: From initial eligibility assessment to final submission, we handle every aspect of the ERC process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with IRS rules.

Proven Results: Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drives us to deliver successful outcomes. We work diligently to maximize your ERC claims and support your business’s financial health.

What is the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a refundable tax credit designed to encourage businesses to retain employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. The credit is available for wages paid to eligible employees during specified periods in 2020 and 2021. Businesses can claim the ERC to reduce their employment tax liabilities and receive a refund for excess credits.

Our ERC Submission Services

Eligibility Assessment: We begin with a thorough review of your business operations and payroll records to determine your eligibility for the ERC. We ensure that all qualifying criteria are met to maximize your credit.

Document Preparation: Our attorneys assist in gathering and preparing all necessary documentation to support your ERC claim, including payroll records, financial statements, and other relevant documents.

Claim Calculation: We meticulously calculate your ERC to ensure you claim the maximum credit available. Our calculations are based on the latest IRS guidelines and regulations.

Form Submission: We handle the submission of your ERC claim to the IRS, ensuring all forms and documents are accurately completed and submitted in a timely manner.

Follow-Up and Monitoring: We provide continuous monitoring and follow-up to ensure your ERC submission is processed efficiently. We handle any IRS inquiries or additional documentation requests on your behalf.

Audit Support: In the event of an IRS audit, we offer expert representation and support. We help you respond to IRS inquiries and defend your ERC claims, ensuring a smooth audit process.

Questions? Dayes Law Firm Has The Answers

The most important information you will need is how your business was impacted by the pandemic.  This can be a loss in revenue, full or partial shutdown or any of a number of different ways.  This will be the first step because knowing whether you qualify is more important than how much the credit could beIn order to determine how much the credit could be, various documents are needed including 941s (or similar returns) for 2021, PPP application and forgiveness documents and payroll for 2021Depending on your circumstances other documentation might be neededOnce all the needed documents have been processed and a look at the impacts on the taxpayer’s business have been done the amount of the available credit can be determined.

No, the ERC is not a scam.  Unfortunately there have been a number of bad actors that have decided to get involved with filing the credit for businesses.  These bad actors do not always do their due diligence in order to properly determine if a business qualifies or not.  The IRS has released a number of press releases warning taxpayers to only use trusted tax professionals to help file for the ERC.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) is a refundable tax credit available to eligible employers who retained employees during specific periods impacted by COVID-19 or experienced a significant decline in gross receipts. 

Yes, eligible employers who did not initially claim the ERTC for previous quarters may file amended returns to claim the credit retroactively. Form 941-X is typically used for this purpose, allowing employers to correct errors or omissions on previously filed Form 941.