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Unfortunately in most cases you will be unable to go to Tax Court and will need to file a Refund Action in District Court or the Federal Court of Claims.  This will require paying the amount of taxes owed as well as filing a refund claim.

Tax Court is a Federal Trial Court established by Congress with appointed Judges that serve for 15 year termsSenior Judges are retired judges that can be recalled to help with the Tax Court as neededThe Tax Court is not associated with the IRS other than Tax Court was created as the forum to hear disputes between taxpayers and the IRS.

The US Tax Court can hear most matters that deal with a Taxpayer and the IRSThere are a few exceptions where Tax Court will not be involved including most Payroll Tax issues.  Taxpayer Advocate Services (TAS) has recommended changing the jurisdiction of tax court to be the initial court for all tax matters including refundsTime will tell if this happens or not.