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Dayes Family Offices, Corp is a separate entity from Dayes Law Firm. It is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. Instead, Dayes Family Offices, Corp offers life insurance products and wealth management vehicles through independent advisors. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals with a range of tailored solutions provided by our experienced advisors.

Anthony Manahan

Anthony entered the financial world  in 1997 after 6 years of playing professional baseball for several major league clubs.  He was on the Major League roster of the Seattle Mariners as well as the Philadelphia Phillies during his tenure. He then started working with business owners as a specialist in the 4 primary areas: Business Succession planning , Estate Planning , Key Employee Retention planning and retirement planning.

Understanding the tax code and how to best use company dollars to benefit owners as well as the best ways to defer income or use corporate dollars to fund retirement plans for owners and key people is also an area of expertise. As is finding the best and most efficient ways to use company dollars to fund personal life insurance , disability insurance and long term care insurance.

Anthony now has over 25 years of assisting business owners and successful people in all industries in helping them reach their financial goals while protecting what they’ve worked for.  Anthony is backed by IMS Associates, a broker general agency. 

Founded in 1985, IMS Associates has long served the insurance advisor and financial planning community with best in class insurance planning. Now operating in all 50 states nationwide and contracted with over 40 insurance carriers IMS has made a name for itself as leader in the brokerage community.

IMS Associates works hard to cultivate relationships with our advisors and agencies that feel like part of the family. IMS takes pride in the relationships we’ve built over the years and we strive to find creative, meaningful, and long lasting solutions for our partners.Anthony holds licenses in Accident, Health, Long Term Care and Retirement Planning.  As an independent advisor working with clients of Dayes Law Firm and Dayes Business Solutions, he is available to consult to plan a better and more secure future. 


With access to over 40 carriers we assist advisors in shopping market for the best rates and products, whether you’re looking for Accelerated Underwriting, Term Insurance with Living Benefits, Accumulation IULS or Survivorship UL we serve as your one-stop hub for all things Life Insurance.

Life Insurance - A Vital Part of a Well-Diversified Portfolio

You are well aware of the significance of diversification to your entire net worth. Diversification lowers risks, produces returns that are less correlated, and offers the possibility of future income. However, you might not have realized how important insurance is to your analysis of total diversity. The investing components and tax-favored treatment of many insurance policies, when utilized appropriately and in conjunction with the requirement for coverage, can play a critical role in a well-diversified portfolio. Planning for long-term retirement, health care, and financial flow can all benefit from insurance.

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Our Core Values And Beliefs

At Dayes Family Offices, Corp, our number one priority is our clients. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations, while providing exceptional, world-class service every step of the way. Our focus is loyalty to our clients’ wishes and desires, along with transparency, honesty, and clear communication. Acting in our clients’ best interests is the driving force behind everything we do at Dayes Family Offices, Corp. We believe that trustworthy, skilled representation should be available to everyone in need of a tax, estate planning, or business attorney.

Our team is dedicated to winning our clients’ cases, and we take pride in working hard to achieve the best possible results. Over the years, Dayes Family Offices, Corp has earned a stellar reputation throughout Phoenix, Arizona and nationwide. We value hard work, perfectionism, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. We believe that diligence, perseverance, and teamwork are the fundamental ingredients to creating a successful outcome for our clients. Our experienced and aggressive attorneys are ready to bring justice to your case today.


This disclosure is to inform you that Dayes Law Firm (“Law Firm”) and Dayes Family Offices, Corp (“Business Solutions”) are affiliated companies with shared ownership. This relationship may present a conflict of interest as services provided by one company may be recommended or referred to the other.

Nature of Affiliation: Dayes Law Firm and Dayes Family Offices, Corp are under common ownership. The owners of Dayes Law Firm hold a financial interest in Dayes Family Offices, Corp.

Description of Services: Dayes Law Firm provides legal services, including but not limited to corporate law, real estate law, and litigation support. Dayes Family Offices, Corp offers business consultancy services, including business planning, financial consulting, and operational strategy development.

Potential Conflict of Interest: Due to the common ownership, there may be an incentive for Dayes Law Firm to refer you to Dayes Family Offices, Corp for services that could be provided by other firms. Conversely, Dayes Family Offices, Corp may recommend legal services from Dayes Law Firm. It is important for you to know that you are not obligated to use the services of either affiliated company and may choose any provider at your discretion.

Client Acknowledgment: By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclosure regarding the affiliated business arrangement between Dayes Law Firm and Dayes Family Offices, Corp. You also understand that you are free to seek services from other providers and are under no obligation to use the services of either affiliated company.

Anthony Manahan