At Dayes Tax Law Firm, we have Tax Controversy Attorneys to help you with your Tax Controversy needs. 

Tax Controversy Attorneys are legal professionals who focus on resolving disputes between taxpayers and tax authorities like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state-level tax authorities – including situations that may show up unexpectedly, like ERC audits.

Tax disputes can be complex and time-consuming, and taxpayers may require the assistance of an experienced tax attorney like those at Dayes Law Firm to help navigate the legal process. Tax controversy attorneys play a crucial role in ensuring that taxpayers are treated fairly and that their legal rights are protected. 

Here is more about the role of Tax Controversy Attorneys, including what they do, the skills and qualifications required to become a tax controversy attorney, and why they are so important in the field of tax law. If you find that you personally need the assistance of a Tax Controversy Attorney, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Dayes Law Firm for help.

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What Do Tax Controversy Attorneys Do?

Tax Controversy Attorneys focus on representing clients in a wide range of tax disputes, including audits, appeals, and litigation. They have a deep understanding of tax law and regulations and can advise clients on the best course of action to take in order to tackle their tax concerns.

It’s important to note that Tax Controversy Attorneys are different from tax accountants, who primarily focus on tax compliance and preparation rather than resolving legal disputes and litigation.

By working with a Tax Controversy Attorney, taxpayers can feel secure that their legal rights are protected and that they are being treated fairly by the IRS. Tax laws are notoriously difficult to understand, and it is easy to find yourself on the wrong side of an audit due to the complexities involved in the tax filing process. 

Plus, given that the IRS can actively levy your bank accounts or property, it is important to have someone who will fight back on your behalf and advocate for you when dealing with the agency. 

Dayes Law Firm Tax Controversy Attorneys

At Dayes Law Firm, we have two attorneys with advanced degrees in tax law, called a Master of Laws (LLM) in Taxation. This means that they completed an additional year of law school that focused exclusively on tax law.

In addition to that formal education, Tax Controversy Attorneys must possess strong communication and negotiation skills because a lot of their work involves negotiating with the IRS to advocate on behalf of clients. They also need to have a deep understanding of tax law and regulations, in addition to the ability to analyze complex financial and legal documents. 

Plus, an attorney interested in becoming a Tax Controversy Attorney must:

Successful Tax Controversy Attorneys work hard to foster strong relationships with their clients, providing personalized and effective legal representation that meets whatever their client’s unique needs may be.

Experience is also a significant indicator of future success when it comes to selecting an effective Tax Controversy Attorney. Every tax case is different, and every client has their own distinct circumstances and issues. Having a wide range of experience in tax law to deal with these varied situations and needs is essential.

What Services Do Tax Controversy Attorneys Provide?

Tax Controversy Attorneys provide a wide range of services to their clients. 

One of their primary responsibilities is to act as legal representatives for clients in disputes with the IRS – for instance, during an audit. This can involve communicating with IRS agents, negotiating settlements, and representing clients in administrative or judicial proceedings, among other tasks and duties. 

Tax Controversy Attorneys also advise clients when it comes to tax compliance and planning by helping them to minimize their tax liabilities and avoid future disputes with the IRS. In addition, these attorneys often collaborate closely with accountants and financial advisors to provide comprehensive tax advice to their clients depending on their own personal, unique needs. 

The scope of services provided by Tax Controversy Attorneys is essential for taxpayers who are facing complicated tax issues and need expert legal representation. The benefits of hiring a Tax Controversy Attorney as opposed to a CPA or another tax advisor are significant, with the single most meaningful benefit being the attorney-client privilege afforded such a relationship.

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Tax Controversy Attorneys play a critical role in representing taxpayers in disputes with the IRS and providing guidance on tax compliance and planning. Their services are vital for individuals and businesses facing complex tax issues because they have the experience necessary to navigate a sometimes complicated legal process and achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients. 

Every taxpayer deserves to have someone that will fight the authorities on their behalf and advocate for them against the IRS. The Tax Controversy Attorneys at Dayes Law Firm in particular possess a deep understanding of tax law and regulations, strong communication and negotiation skills, and the carefully honed ability to analyze complex financial and legal documents. 

By working with a Tax Controversy Attorney like the skilled team at Dayes Law Firm, taxpayers can be assured that their legal rights are protected and that they will receive fair treatment from the IRS. These attorneys are an integral part of the tax system and provide an invaluable service to taxpayers who are facing challenging tax issues.

If you need the assistance of a Tax Controversy Attorney for a tax problem like an Employee Retention Credit audit, please call the team at Dayes Law Firm, or fill out the form on this page to get in touch and see how we can help you. The first consultation is free, and you’re under no obligation to work with us after your initial evaluation. Contact us to learn more! 

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