Norris Lozano is a Senior Tax Attorney at Dayes Law Firm. He has extensive experience dealing with matters of tax credits and incentives, tax compliance and resolutions, as well as a comprehensive background in tax controversies including audits, appeals, and issues in the United States Tax Court. 

Before he became a seasoned tax attorney, Norris earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas, Dallas. He went on to acquire his Doctor of Jurisprudence from SMU Dedman School of Law and did advanced work on a Masters in Applied Information Management from the University of Oregon.

An accomplished senior executive with 30+ years of experience, Norris also has in-depth real estate and corporate law knowledge. Beginning his admirable career as a syndication, tax, real estate, and banking regulatory attorney in Texas, he later transitioned to proven private-sector successes in directing business lending, regulatory compliance, and financing, as well as public/private partnerships and strategic alliances in Portland, Oregon.

Norris then moved to Malibu, California, where he began working as a corporate executive and regulatory specialist in tax-motivated, tax resolution, and IRS transactions. Most recently, he helped create a high-volume tax-resolution enterprise in Arizona that is known for representing clients before the IRS during tax audits and cases in the US Tax Court.

Norris has significant partnership tax, private equity, fund management, executive leadership experience, and hands-on operations management skills within highly regulated start-up environments. Particular career highlights include overseeing the development of and documentation for using New Market Tax Credits to facilitate financing for the first Platinum LEED Historic Green Building in Portland, Oregon, and innovative business financing methods in Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York using structured finance and tax credits to develop low-income housing and commercial projects focused on job creation.

Norris has a natural aptitude for gaining trust and effectively communicating intricate legal details while providing confidence to his clients by utilizing a client-sensitive collaborative approach. He is known for being highly adaptable and resourceful, with an incredible ability to bring together the non-profit sector, public sector, and private finance and alliances to pursue common goals and help each faction succeed.

Norris has served as the CEO of businesses that are active in several different types of operations for all types of transactions, including commercial, institutional credit, SBA lending, New Market Tax Credits, Energy Tax Credits, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, and Historic Tax Credits. He has also notably built Knowledge Management Systems to train teams on projects in highly regulated industries.

During his remarkable career, Norris has attained several awards and other acknowledgments for his outstanding work. They include a Harvard University – 2006 Top 50 Programs: Innovations in American Government Award for creating the Portland New Market Fund, and a 2007 Award for Excellence, The Americas: Gerding Theater – Urban Land Institute’s annual award for best urban projects in North and South America.

Additionally, Norris has served on the board of several national non-profits and multiple private companies including a 10-year tenure as Director on the Board of Directors for environmentally-focused ecoAmerica. He has also lobbied tirelessly in Washington, DC on tax issues, including legislative, administrative, and policy issues. He is well-known for his skill in building and scaling organizations of all types and for facilitating community-driven solutions on many projects.