Happy Easter from the Team at Dayes Law Firm

March 29, 2024

Although the Dayes Law Firm and Phillips Law Group teams are known for their hard work, we take joy in celebrating holidays, too. With Easter approaching this weekend, our office recently welcomed a special visitor – the Easter Bunny! He visited to help wish a “Happy Easter” from the team at Dayes Law Firm to fellow staff members, families, friends, clients, and more.

Easter Bunny Photoshoot Fun

The Easter Bunny made a special appearance at the Dayes Law Firm – also home to Phillips Law Group – on March 27th. He delighted visitors by posing for photos, distributing candy, and spreading Easter cheer to all in attendance!

Both team members and clients had the chance to capture joyful moments with the big fluffy bunny himself. From the Dayes Law Firm and Phillips Law Group teams to the adorable babies of some staff members at the event, everyone joined in on the fun.

“The Easter Bunny came to surprise the Dayes Law Firm team and Phillips Law team as well as their clients to take photos of the Easter bunny!” Olivia Lemorrocco, Marketing Director at Dayes Law Firm, said of the special, festive occasion. 

“People brought their kids in to see the Easter Bunny, who handed out candy and it was a fun time for all.”

Time For a Closeup?

Dayes Law Firm has offered themed photoshoots to firm employees, clients, and friends in the past, of course.

For example, in honor of Valentine’s Day this year, Dayes Law Firm alongside Phillips Law set up a pop-up flower shop in the lobby of its midtown Phoenix office building for employees to enjoy – and some office neighbors took part in the fun, too! Last year, team members were also encouraged to take themed Valentine’s Day photos as part of a different photoshoot at the office.

At Dayes Law Firm, we’re known for working hard, but also for our commitment to celebrating other holidays with enthusiasm, too. Our photoshoots and parties are always a great time and serve as a small gesture of appreciation from firm management to the employees who make everything possible at our firm. 

If you need the expertise of a dedicated, experienced tax law attorney, consider the team at Dayes Law Firm. We not only work diligently but also understand the importance of celebrating special occasions alongside our achievements. Reach out to us to learn more today.