5 Questions to Ask a Tax Resolution Specialist

February 12, 2024
Dayes Law Firm

If you find yourself in need of tax resolution services, you might be wondering where to start. The first thing you’ll want to do is do a little research into who can help you, and one way to test their knowledge and experience is by asking a potential tax resolution adviser some questions you may have about the process. Here are just a few questions to ask a tax resolution specialist to make sure they entirely understand the topic before working with them.

What is Tax Resolution?

Tax resolution is the process of resolving tax problems or disputes with tax authorities, usually the IRS. It often involves settlements, minimizing penalties, negotiating a payment plan, or looking into other options to resolve tax debts or disputes and to get an individual or business in compliance with the IRS.

How Long Does it Take to Resolve Tax Problems?

This depends entirely on your individual situation because the circumstances behind why every person or business needs tax resolution assistance are different. It’s safe to say a tax resolution case will take at least a few months but could take longer depending on how complex the situation is and how much back and forth there needs to be between the tax resolution specialist and the tax authority.

What Documentation is Needed for Tax Resolution?

You’ll need tax records, financial statements, and so much more to successfully navigate a tax resolution case. You might need documentation like a record of assets or income documentation as well. This is another example of how each situation is different, and the best tax resolution specialist will know how to help in your particular case.

What is Your Experience in Tax Resolution?

Each tax resolution specialist will have a different answer to this question. You can ask a potential tax resolution attorney about cases that were similar to yours and how they handled them effectively to determine whether they are the right person to partner with to come to a successful conclusion with your case and the IRS.

How Much Does Tax Resolution Cost? What Are Your Fees?

Different tax resolution specialists will answer this question differently, too. Some may not charge you until you arrive at the outcome of your case, but others may have upfront costs or hidden fees. It’s best for everyone involved to understand the cost of tax resolution from the start of your case, and a legitimate tax resolution specialist or attorney should be willing to be transparent about this topic.

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