Millions of households every year deal with damaged property because of a sewer backup or sewage system flooding event. 

Sadly, many homeowners may not know their options when dealing with these destructive events or know that in some cases, they could use the assistance of sewer backup lawyers with years of experience to help them with the financial and legal resources they need to get out of a real mess. The Dayes Law Firm team is committed to fighting for justice for homeowners in these situations. 

Sewer Backup Incidents by the Numbers

Data analytics and risk assessment firm Verisk and The Civil Engineering Research Foundation report that the rate of sewer backup incidents is increasing by 3 percent annually. Shockingly, according to their data, “62 million residential locations are at moderate to extreme risk of flooding and potentially, by extension, sewer backups.”

Sewer backups cause damage to around 11 million households every year. So, if you’re dealing with this problem, you’re far from alone and should know that there are skilled sewage damage lawyers available to help. 

Who’s Responsible for Sewer Backup Damage?

If you have sustained property damage due to a sewer system issue, it’s important to know who is at fault and who is responsible for damage from sewer backups. 

In short, if a problem with your sewer line lies with the city main, then the municipality you live in should be responsible for fixing it. However, if it is a problem with your private line that connects to the city main line, also called the sewer lateral, it is your responsibility. 

But even if you believe the fault lies with the municipality you live in and their sewer system, the City may try to claim they aren’t at fault and are not responsible to damage to your home or property. 

The insurance companies that cities work with may also try to avoid paying a claim. If your claim is denied and you believe you have evidence to prove the City should be responsible for sewer backup damage on your property, you need to call an experienced sewer lawyer.

Compensation for Damages

If City operations or neglected sewer line maintenance resulted in damage to your property in the form of a sewer backup or leak, you could be entitled to compensation and recovery for damages.

If you suspect a sewer backup issue on your property and think you’ll need to pursue a claim for damages, you should collect photo and/or video evidence of your property and any damaged items. You may also need to let local government agencies know about the damage as further proof and document everything

If you’re really not sure where to start, our experienced sewer backup lawyers can help you determine what evidence to collect and how to document your losses. That damage and those losses may not just be to your property, either – if you suspect you may have had your health put at risk due to a sewage issue, you should gather any medical documentation as well. 

Call the Dayes Law Firm Sewer Backup Lawyers

If you have experienced property damage such as sewage damage, you should contact a team of experienced sewer backup lawyers like the ones at Dayes Law Firm and our partners. 

It is recommended that you work with a local lawyer so that you get the most relevant legal guidance based on your city’s municipal law and codes. At Dayes, we have experience with these claims, and are ready to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. 

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