Selling Your ERC Company to Tax Lawyers

April 26, 2023
Dayes Law Firm

Dayes Law Firm has a proven track record when it comes to handling Employee Retention Tax Credit applications for businesses. If you have an ERC/ERTC company that you’re interested in selling, you should consider cashing out now and selling it to Dayes Law Firm tax lawyers.

There are all sorts of reasons someone might decide to sell their business. Maybe it’s become too much of a risk, or you’re looking to retire. In the case of an ERC company, it could also be that you’re a tax professional, but have found that you don’t have the time or interest in specifically focusing on pursuing ERC program applications any longer. 

In a best-case scenario, your business is doing well and is profitable, so you’re looking to put your business on the market while it’s valuable. While ERC applications are still being submitted, 2024 and 2025 deadlines are looming, and you might be looking to cash out while you can and sell your ERC company to tax lawyers who are still actively pursuing many ERC cases. 

CPAs, Accounting Firms, Payroll Companies and More May Wish to Sell their ERC Business

The Dayes Law Firm and our partners have already assisted numerous business owners in applying for the refunds they’re entitled to through the ERC program. We have worked with CPAs, accounting firms, payroll companies, law firms, and more. Dayes Law Firm seeks to purchase ERC companies to further the work in helping clients navigate this specific tax credit area. 

Your ERC company may be an attractive asset if it’s profitable with consistent revenue and a strong base of customers. If you’re looking to sell your ERC company to tax lawyers, please get in touch with the team at Dayes Law Firm to discuss potential options with us. 

Our team of skilled tax attorneys has already helped many businesses apply for millions in ERC tax credit refunds. If you’re interested in selling your ERC firm and want to cash out ahead of the conclusion of the ERC program, give us a call today.