How Do I Choose the Right Tax Attorney to Help Claim the ERC?

October 2, 2023
Dayes Law Firm

Recent reports of the IRS cracking down on fraudulent Employee Retention Credit claims and issuing a number of ERC-related audits may make some business owners who’ve been considering claiming the credit a little nervous. Getting assistance from a tax attorney with your ERC application can help employers be more confident that their application will be approved without issue. But how do business owners choose the right tax attorney to help claim the Employee Retention Credit?

Tax Professional ERC Assistance 

A tax professional skilled in helping businesses claim the ERC can assist a business owner with their Employee Retention Credit claim process every step of the way. They can help you maximize your ERC refund and thoroughly assess every piece of information you send to the IRS to try to avoid an ERC audit

ERC tax professionals can calculate the refund amounts due to your business. Then, they can verify those amounts and all the other documentation you need to send to claim the tax credit with the team and resources they have at their disposal. 

Yes, you can of course compile all this information on your own, but it’s an added burden to business owners who may already have a lot on their plate. A tax attorney can focus on your Employee Retention Credit claim for you while your attention remains on the day-to-day needs of your business. 

Choosing the Right ERC Tax Attorney 

A lot of tax attorneys may claim to be the best choice in ERC assistance, but how do you pick the right one for your specific Employee Retention Credit needs?

At the very least, you’re going to want to work with a tax professional experienced in dealing with the ERC who can offer a strong defense for any ERC application-related complications like an IRS audit. And if you do unfortunately end up contending with an audit, a tax attorney who provides a defense of ERC audits is vitally important to have on your side. 

It’s also a good idea to work with a tax professional who has a proven track record of success with the Employee Retention Credit and tax assistance in general. If a fairly new company claiming outrageous ERC refunds seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

In fact, the IRS has specifically warned employers about “blatant attempts by promoters to con ineligible people to claim the credit,” and to be wary of working with “third-party promoters.” Your best bet is to work with tax professionals who clearly understand the ERC and the tax code and who are willing to answer any of your questions about this tax credit. 

Working with the Dayes Law Firm 

The team at Dayes and our partners have already helped many businesses claim the Employee Retention Credit funds they’re entitled to receive. We have put in the work to prove we are the right choice to help employers with the ERC claim process, and we can assist you, too. 

Our ERC team has helped business owners with filing for over $250 million in ERC tax credit claims and our clients have already received over $25 million in Employee Retention Credit funds. If you are considering a member of our team to work with you to claim the ERC, please contact us by giving us a call at (800) 503-2000 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

We can offer you a free, no-obligation consultation so you can determine if we are the right tax attorneys to help you claim the Employee Retention Credit. Give us a call today to learn more!