Dayes Law Firm and our partner firms have helped businesses file for more than $250 million in refunds as a result of the Employee Retention Tax Credit and we are committed to helping other  business owners determine whether or not they qualify for the ERC/Employment Retention Credit with the help of our ERC team.

But what makes us different is that we back up our work. That’s right – we will stand behind refunds we believe are due to your business and that means that we will defend any businesses with an ERC audit or if there is ever a request for an audit in the future. Our ERC professionals work with lawyers, CPAs, ERTC firms, and any business when it comes to ERC application-related complications such as audits and defense of audits.

Is the IRS Pursuing ERC Audits?

The IRS has warned that “improperly claiming the ERC could result in taxpayers being required to repay the credit along with penalties and interest.” That’s not a position we want your business to be in, and our lawyers experienced in handling the ERC are here to help. 

If your business is looking to pursue the ERC tax credit, it is incredibly important to have a tax professional who understands the ERC program on your side. The team at Dayes and our partners have already assisted businesses in filing for over $250 million in ERC tax credit claims, and we have a proven track record when it comes to managing ERC applications. 

What Should I Do If I’m Audited?

We are proud to say our clients have already received millions in funds for ERC tax credit claims, and we are confident in our ability to help the businesses we work with turn in accurate applications for this credit.

But in general, there are still many applications being processed as part of the program, and we believe the IRS is training hundreds of agents on how to examine the credit. There is always a chance the IRS could audit your ERTC application, or the application of a client you’ve worked with if you’re an attorney, CPA, or part of an ERC company.

Whether or not you completed the application with the help of the Dayes team, our ERC team can help defend you if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being audited by the IRS.

We also offer a free consultation on Employee Retention Tax Credit audit questions.

How the Dayes Team Can Help You

Did your business already claim the ERC, and are you concerned your business’ application might get audited? Have you already been contacted by the IRS about an ERC audit, and do you need assistance? Did you help a client claim the Employee Retention Credit, and now they need help with an audit?

Our specially trained ERC lawyers team and other legal professionals at Dayes Law Firm and our partners can help. Our team can discuss your situation and determine the best plan to move forward.

Call us today for a free evaluation! Our team of skilled tax attorneys is ready to help you not only claim the tax incentives your business is entitled to, but we can also help if you’re dealing with a tax credit audit or have a client who needs a strong defense against an audit.

Contact us for a no-obligation, free consultation, and start working with the ERC experts at Dayes Law Firm and our partners today.