As a business owner, you may have heard about the Employee Retention Tax Credit, also known as the ERC or ERTC, but have not gotten around to applying for it yet. Or, you may have heard that the IRS is cracking down on companies acting in bad faith to lure unsuspecting business owners into applying for the credit when they may not actually be eligible to do so

According to a recent IRS news release, the IRS believes there are what they call “promoters” who attempt to con ineligible people or businesses into filing ERC claims that they do not qualify for. “These promotions can be based on inaccurate information related to eligibility for and computation of the credit,” the statement warned. 

That IRS statement is actually a great example of why you should consider working with a tax law firm for help with filing the ERC. Law firms that have experienced tax professionals working on their team, like Dayes Law Firm and our partners, have been helping businesses with tax law and assisting with tax credit applications for years – we didn’t start doing this work overnight, like some ERC companies. 

Trusted ERC Experience

At Dayes Law Firm, we are proud to say we handle work with these applications and programs the right way. We talk to each business that comes to us for assistance and we evaluate their case individually. We make sure to account for wages paid by the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), or for wages paid to owners and their family members.

When it comes to the problems the IRS warned the public about when it comes to ERC scams, the fact is, we share those concerns about business owners being misled. We want to help businesses navigate the ERC program however we can, and that includes being honest and upfront about your potential eligibility.

In the March 2023 press release warning about Employee Retention Credit claims, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel stated, “Businesses should be wary of advertised schemes and direct solicitations promising tax savings that are too good to be true. They should listen to the advice of their trusted tax professional.” And we couldn’t agree more. 

Our Successful ERC Record

At Dayes, we’ve been working in tax law for years. Our firm includes multiple attorneys with advanced law degrees in Taxation and we help our clients with all aspects of the tax code – not just those involving the ERC. 

Our firm has an extremely successful track record when it comes to the ERTC, and – along with our partners – we have already helped a number of businesses with filing for over $250 million in ERC tax credit claims. When it comes to helping employers with the ERC, the truth is we are doing it right. 

In fact, we can even help defend the Employee Retention Tax Credit applications and refunds people may have been led to believe their business was eligible for after they sought help from what may have been a more unscrupulous company. We can try to fix the mistakes other companies who are not as experienced as we are may have made that led your business down the wrong path.

Work With Dayes Law Firm on the ERC

The ERC is not a scam. It is a fully refundable payroll tax credit that many businesses are eligible for – but not all. If you are uncertain about your eligibility for the credit, or you worked with an ERC company that you now believe may not have had your best interests at heart, please give us a call. 

Contact us today for a free consultation! Our skilled tax attorneys are available to help you claim the tax incentives your business is entitled to, including the ERC. And we want to prove that, unlike some other companies acting in bad faith, we know our way around the program and the tax code. Give us a call today to learn more.