The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently published an update to the existing criteria used to evaluate eligibility for disability benefits for mental health claims.

Called the Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Mental Disorders, the new rule includes the largest revision to the criteria since 1985.

The new rule was put into place based on questions and comments from the public about the administration’s criteria for evaluating intellectual disabilities. It now includes standards and terminology from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, and better reflects the expertise of policy experts and psychiatric professionals

Better Serving Intellectually Disabled Individuals

From childhood, individuals with intellectual disabilities often have shortfalls in intellectual ability and lack many social and practical skills.  This often prevents them from being able to retain an education or employment where they can earn a steady paycheck.

With input from disability beneficiaries and their families, mental health providers like psychiatrists and psychologists, advocacy groups, and other treatment providers, the SSA has recognized the critical needs of this community.

This rule was put into place to give these individuals quicker access to the benefits they need. For ease of acceptance into the programs, the SSA updated the functional and diagnostic criteria for intellectual disabilities and will now use IQ test scores to quickly identify those who qualify for disability benefits.

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