Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be challenging for many disabled applicants and not knowing what to expect after receiving approval can be just as unsettling.

Therefore, it may be useful to understand some key factors once you have been approved to receive SSD benefits:

SSD Payment Start Date – Your start date will begin six months from when your disability began. Since benefits are paid the next month, your January 2017 benefits will not be sent out until February 2017.

Expected SSD Amount – The amount of money you will receive each month will vary depending on your lifetime earnings. The maximum award will be by calculated by determining your Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (the income you earned while you were employed and contributing to Social Security) and your Primary Insurance Amounts (monthly money you could receive in SSD benefits).

Type of Health Insurance – Even once you have been notified that you are approved to receive SSD benefits, your medical coverage will not begin immediately. Instead, you will have to wait two years before you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare’s hospital and health insurance.

Receiving approval for disability benefits can be challenging. It may be helpful to speak to an experienced disability attorney who can assist you in obtaining medical documents and ensure you have everything you need prior to completing an application.

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