What Causes Sewer Pipe Backups?

April 24, 2023
Dayes Law Firm

A sewer pipe backup or other sewage system backups and leaks can lead to costly damage to your home or property. Depending on who or what entity is deemed responsible for that damage, you could be on the hook for all those costs in a very messy, frustrating situation. 

Do you know what causes sewer pipe backups? Many Americans may not have any idea until they are already stuck in a sewer backup crisis, and by then, it may be too late to document the evidence in the event the backup wasn’t the fault of the homeowner. 

Homes are damaged due to sewer backups every day. Some of the most common sewer pipe or sewer system backup reasons include: 

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Blockages in a main sewer line from outdoor debris buildup
  • Worn-out sewer systems that haven’t been adequately maintained or repaired
  • Cracked pipes
  • Broken pipes
  • Tree roots blocking sewer pipes
  • Inadequate or aging drainage structures
  • Blockages from grease and household items such as sanitary wipes 

All those factors can lead to a backed-up sewer and a major headache for a homeowner who has to deal with it. 

Who’s Responsible for Fixing a Sewer Backup?

If the problem with the sewer system involves a city or municipal main, the city is generally responsible for fixing it. However, if the problem lies on a property’s private line that connects to the city main, it is likely the homeowner’s responsibility.

You might believe the responsibility should fall with the city, but the city could claim there isn’t enough evidence. When a city argues against taking responsibility for a city-maintained system, that’s when you may need to get sewer backup lawyers involved to help you gather evidence and build a case for your claim. 

Contact Dayes Law Firm Sewer Lawyers

If your sewer backup claim is denied, call the experienced sewer lawyers at Dayes Law Firm for help. They have the expertise to help you determine what caused the sewage system backup and, if it’s the city’s responsibility, help to get the legal recourse and damages you deserve. 

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