How Will I Be Told If My Social Security Disability Application Was Approved or Denied?

April 4, 2019
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You are probably wondering when and how you will be notified about the status of your Social Security Disability application. Below, learn more about what to expect when you are waiting for a decision on your claim and the next steps you can take if you do not like the decision.

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Checking Your Bank Balance

If you provided the Social Security Administration (SSA) with your bank account information for direct deposit, it is likely that your benefits will be deposited into your bank account before an approval letter reaches you.

If it is about time for a decision to be made on your application, watch your bank account for a deposit made from the U.S. Treasury. This deposit is your first sign that your application for disability benefits has been accepted.

Once you see the deposit in your bank account, you may call the SSA for further information. The SSA will provide you with an explanation of the deposit as well as information regarding backpay or ongoing benefits. If you do not wish to call, know that your explanatory approval letter may arrive up to two weeks after the deposit is made.

Phone Call or Letter

If your application is approved, you will receive an explanatory approval letter from the SSA. You may receive this letter up to two weeks after benefits are directly deposited into your bank account, if you provided your banking information to the SSA with your application.

Your approval letter includes a heading with the agency name, Social Security Administration, and the notice type. It will also include the agency phone number and local office address.

Approval letters are sent to inform you of the SSA’s decision regarding your case and to inform you of the rights and responsibilities you may bear. It will include:

  • The letter’s purpose
  • Details of any action the SSA plans to take or the decision made and reasoning
  • Changes in benefit status or payment amount
  • Starting dates of payment changes or benefits status
  • Any action you should take regarding the notice
  • Details of what to do if you do not agree with the notice
  • How to contact the SSA

If you are blind or visually impaired, you may receive a notice in the mail with a follow-up phone call. The SSA may also call you or your spouse to begin an application for your children, which is a sign that your disability claim has been approved.

What to Do If You Disagree with the Decision

If your disability claim has been denied or the approval is not wholly favorable, you may appeal the decision. Review the notice you receive carefully. A disability attorney can help you pursue an appeal in an attempt to secure disability benefits.

The first step of the appeals process is filing a Request for Reconsideration. This must be done within 60 days of receiving a denial of benefits letter (the SSA allows a five-day period from the date of the letter for it to be delivered to you). It is important that your appeal be filed within this timeframe, as the SSA only allows late appeals in rare cases.

Other Reasons You Will Receive a Notice

The SSA will send a notice prior to making any changes to your disability eligibility or benefit amount. Whenever the agency is obligated to tell you about activity in your case, you will be sent a notice.

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