How Often Will a Disability Claim be Reviewed?

January 26, 2016
Dayes Law Firm

Depending on how severe your disability is and if it will improve, your SSDI review could vary in frequency. Your age may also play a factor in when you need to undergo an SSDI review.

When you are given your Social Security Disability benefits you are not considered disabled indefinitely by the Social Security Administration. Instead, your condition could be thought to improve over time.

Therefore, the Social Security Administration will look over your case and determine whether you are able to be employed or continue to be considered disabled and unable to work. This type of review is a continuing disability review.

Once you are approved to receive SSDI benefits, your disability representative will establish dates for your continuing disability reviews, or diaries.

Your Certificate of Award, received at claim approval, will let you know when your first review is scheduled. Most continuing disability reviews typically take place every three to seven years.

If your medical case is believed to reasonably improve, it is considered an MIP case or medical improvement possible. Conditions that might be thought of as MIP could be irritable bowel disease or types of mental illness.

If your case is labeled as medical improvement expected (MIE), you may undergo a review more often than every three years. It is more likely your case will be reviewed six to 18 months after your disability confirmed.

Maybe you were recuperating from multiple back surgeries or knee surgeries and you were determined to be unable to be employed for a minimum of a year. Your case could be MIE. If you are 55 or older, you probably will not experience a continuing disability review according to the MIE time frame.

For medical conditions not anticipated to improve like certain cancers, blindness or cerebral palsy, you may undergo a review on a seven year timeline. Recipients aged 55 plus are frequently given seven year reviews.

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