How to Get SSD Benefits for Kidney Disease

March 16, 2015
Dayes Law Firm

Did you know that March is National Kidney Month? As a vital organ to a healthy life, struggling with kidney disease can be very difficult.

Kidney disease can prevent your kidneys from cleaning your blood, along with helping to regulate blood pressure, electrolyte balance and red blood cell production. Approximately 20 million people struggle with chronic kidney disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Many people with kidney disease turn to Social Security Disability benefits to improve their quality of life. Contact a leading Phoenix Social Security disability attorney today to find out about filing a claim for kidney disease.

Ebies Story, featured on the Social Security Administration (SSA) websites Faces and Facts of Disability section, shares the story of one man whose sudden disability left him struggling for medical care. Dialysis can be costly and often can take hours, which means many people suffering from kidney disease are able to work full-time.

Can I Qualify for SSD if I Have Kidney Disease

If you have kidney disease and require chronic dialysis, have had a kidney transplant, struggle with reduced glomerular filtration or suffer from nephrotic syndrome, you may qualify for benefits. Additionally, if you have suffered serious complications as a result of kidney disease, you may still qualify for benefits even if you don’t necessarily quire chronic dialysis or struggle with other kidney disease complications.

Kidney cancer is listed as one of Social Security compassion allowance conditions, which means you could automatically qualify for disability benefits.

The SSA evaluates the need for benefits based on your condition, as well as medical documentation. The SSA may call for lengthy medical history, clinical and lab evidence and treatment notes in order to qualify for benefits.

Obtaining the Social Security Disability benefits you need can be a long and difficult process. At Dayes Law Firm PC, we can help you obtain the benefits you deserve if you’re suffering from kidney disease. Whether you’re filing  a new claim or appealing your denial, we’re ready to help you today.

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