At Dayes Law Firm, we don’t just work with small businesses on Employee Retention Tax Credit applications – although we have already proudly helped many of those business owners apply for the refunds they’re entitled to. We have ERC business solutions for CPAs, accounting firms, payroll companies, law firms, and more! 

We are committed to helping other business owners and professionals determine whether or not they qualify for the ERTC or, for individuals like CPAs and companies like accounting firms, what sort of ERC assistance can be offered to their clients as well.

ERC Assistance

We proudly partner with all sorts of tax professionals and other businesses on the best ERC business solutions to help out their clients – and we guarantee our work. 

Not only do we make claiming the payroll tax refund easier for everyone involved, but we will also stand behind refunds we believe are owed to your business. Our team of ERC experts is ready to defend any business with an ERC audit – or if there is a request from the IRS for an audit in the future.

Who We Work With

At Dayes Law Firm, we work with tax attorneys, CPAs, ERTC firms, law firms, accounting firms, payroll companies, and any business when it comes to the ERC. We are proud to partner with other firms and professionals to help clients get the refunds they deserve. 

Our ERC partnerships don’t end once the application is turned in – we offer assistance with application-related complications such as audits and defense of audits as well. Dayes Law Firm and our partner firms have helped businesses file for millions in refunds already, and with our proven track record, we believe we’ve demonstrated we are the right choice to partner with on ERC refund applications.

A Skilled ERC Team

For any business looking to apply for the Employee Retention Credit, or for CPAs and other professionals looking to help business owners, it is crucial to work with a tax professional who understands the ERC program. 

The team at Dayes and our partners have already assisted businesses in filing for over $250 million in ERC tax credit claims, proving that we have an established record for success when it comes to managing ERC applications.

No-Obligation, Free Consultation 

Before you make a decision whether or not to partner with Dayes, we offer a free consultation on Employee Retention Tax Credit questions so you can carefully determine if we are the right partners for you and your needs. 

Our knowledgeable team can discuss your options with you, and while we hope you’ll choose to partner with us, you are under no obligation to work with us after the initial evaluation. 

Please don’t hesitate to call us today for a free consultation! Our team of skilled tax attorneys is available to help you claim the tax incentives your business or your clients are entitled to, including the ERC. 

Contact us for a no-obligation, free consultation, and get to work partnering with the ERC experts at Dayes Law Firm today.