If you’ve received notice that your Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC/ERC) claim is being audited, it’s safe to say you’re probably concerned. This is not a scenario any business owner wants to deal with, but some applications for the ERTC are indeed being audited. Your best bet may be to hire a tax attorney to represent you during the audit process in order to move forward with the best defense possible.

What Can Be Gained by Hiring a Tax Attorney to Represent Me During an IRS Audit of My ERTC Claim? 

According to a press release in mid-September, the IRS was already working on hundreds of criminal cases for improper ERTC claims, and thousands of ERTC claims had already been referred for audit. A lot of businesses are unfortunately getting caught up in audits thanks to increased scrutiny from the federal agency – scrutiny that was increased due to concerns about an influx of fraudulent claims. 

If your Employee Retention Tax Credit claim was referred for audit and you want a strong defense of your application, you should consider hiring a tax attorney to represent you. Here at Dayes Law Firm, our ERTC team and tax professionals can help with ERTC application-related complications such as audits and defense of audits.

There is always a chance the IRS could audit your ERTC application, but with experienced tax attorneys on your side, you can be reassured that your claim will be defended in the strongest possible manner. At Dayes Law Firm, we will stand behind ERTC refunds we believe are due to your business and will defend businesses with an ERTC audit – or if there is ever a request for an audit in the future.

You can certainly try to fight an IRS audit of your Employee Retention Tax Credit claim on your own. But the advantage of hiring a tax attorney to represent you during your audit is they will know the ins and outs of tax law and can handle anything the IRS may throw at them. Tax attorneys who are specifically skilled in – and ready to represent you for – ERTC audits can be of particular help if a claim for your business is audited and you need assistance. 

“Anyone who improperly claims the ERC must pay it back, possibly with penalties and interest,” the IRS warned in September. But if you don’t believe your claim was improper and you need ERTC audit assistance, working with a tax attorney may be in the best interest of you and your business. 

Call Dayes Law Firm for Assistance

Dayes Law Firm is ready to defend businesses dealing with Employee Retention Tax Credit claim audits. Our firm and our partner firms have helped businesses file for more than $250 million in refunds as a result of the ERTC and can offer a strong audit defense in addition to general ERTC application assistance services. 
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