Dayes Law Firm and its partners are highly skilled in directly handling Employee Retention Tax Credit applications for businesses. But we also partner with other businesses like CPAs, accounting firms, payroll companies, law firms, and more in regard to helping the clients of those businesses and professionals with their applications. Unfortunately, there is a chance that clients may not hold up their end of the bargain and pay for ERTC assistance, leading to a need for ERTC collection attorneys to get involved. 

If you or your company assisted any business with their ERTC application and they backed out of a written agreement, you may need to pursue legal action – and Dayes Law Firm might be able to help.

Our attorneys have unparalleled experience helping individuals with tax collection matters and have already helped numerous businesses file for millions in ERC refunds. We know the ins and outs of the ERC and tax law and have the expertise to help you go after funds owed to you for ERC assistance from other businesses as well. 

Our firm has an extremely successful track record when it comes to the ERTC, and we have demonstrated that we are the right choice to partner with on applying for ERC refunds. However, we strongly believe we can also prove to you that we are the right choice in recovering unpaid funds from businesses that owe you and your company for Employee Retention Credit assistance. 

If you and your business have already been working on ERC applications for clients, then you already know what the tax credit is and likely know that deadlines to apply for the program are coming up fast. There is limited time to assist clients with applying for the ERTC, and you may not have the time to also pursue tracking down the money you are owed from businesses you previously helped as well.

Let Dayes Law Firm handle that legwork for you. Please contact us for a free consultation if you have a need for ERTC collection attorneys to get involved in your situation.

Our expert team can discuss your options with you and potentially help you recover the funds you are owed from a business you helped with the ERC, if you had a written agreement that they backed out of. Our lawyers are ready to help, and we have hundreds of reviews from satisfied clients to back up our reputation. 

If you need ERTC collection lawyers to get involved with a dispute, don’t hesitate to give Dayes Law Firm a call today.