At Dayes Law Firm, our team of experienced attorneys can provide legal assistance to help you and your business handle problems with the IRS. We know that navigating the complexities of tax issues can be overwhelming, but we can help. Our firm offers essential services to assist clients in settling their tax dues and with various tax resolution services. We can provide effective solutions to individuals and businesses facing tax challenges, all while preserving their dignity and fiscal stability.

Dayes Law Firm wants to help you retain good standing with the IRS. If you turn to us for tax resolution services, we can advocate for your rights and guide you through the process with expertise and understanding from start to finish.

Tax Resolution Solutions

Many taxpayers may require the assistance of an experienced tax attorney like those at Dayes Law Firm to help navigate the legal process involved in tax resolution. Some may fear being on the wrong side of the IRS and facing the wrath of the federal agency, but help is available.

Our tax attorneys and other Dayes Law Firm professionals can help you to begin the tax resolution process and bring you to full tax compliance all while calming any concerns you may have along the way. We can assist you in finding viable solutions to your tax problems, which may include disputes over tax liabilities, audits, penalties, and other compliance issues.

The team of seasoned professionals at our firm can help you achieve a positive resolution and ease the stress associated with these tax problems. Dayes Law Firm has years of experience in helping clients with tax controversy assistance, claiming important tax credits, and many other related services and our skilled team is ready to help you with your tax resolution issues without delay.

Key Aspects of Tax Resolution Services

Some fundamental elements of tax resolution services include:

1.         Negotiating Settlements: Assisting taxpayers in negotiating settlements with tax authorities, which usually involves assisting with installment agreements and, at times, reducing the total amount owed through offers in compromise.

2.         Audit Representation: Representing taxpayer clients during audits to ensure their rights are protected and to deliver necessary documentation and explanations to the tax authority.

3.         Filing Back Taxes: Assisting with preparing and filing overdue tax returns to bring taxpayers into compliance with their tax obligations.

4.         Penalty Abatements: In tax resolution matters, almost all clients will be eligible for first penalty abatements (subject to their compliance history). This involves requesting a reduction or removal of penalties and interest charged on unpaid taxes for reasonable cause or as part of a settlement agreement.

5.         Lifting Liens and Levies: Working to get tax liens (claims against a taxpayer’s property) or levies (seizure of property) lifted by resolving the underlying tax debt. This may help protect the taxpayer’s assets from seizure by the IRS.

6.         Innocent Spouse Relief: Aiding taxpayers in applying for relief if they believe they shouldn’t be held responsible for tax liabilities due to their spouse’s or former spouse’s actions.

How Dayes Law Firm Can Help with Tax Resolution

Tax attorneys are highly trained professionals with specialized knowledge of tax laws and regulations, and our team of tax professionals is top-notch. We can provide valuable assistance in resolving various tax problems and our team is especially adept at dealing with more complex and detailed tax resolution and compliance matters.

Our tax attorneys can represent clients during IRS audits, help negotiate settlements, appeal tax court decisions, help taxpayers obtain the release of liens and levies, work with clients on tax planning and compliance to avoid future tax issues, and so much more.

Dayes Law Firm prides itself on delivering customized, inventive, and affordable tax resolution solutions. We are particularly committed to a client-centric service model to offer you the most effective service for your specific circumstances and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to resolving many tax concerns thanks to our years of experience in this area of law and tax compliance. We’ve seen it all, and we can provide expert guidance, counsel, and representation to help.

Our firm is nationally recognized in tax law for our commitment to our clients and exceptional customer service in providing tax attorney services. We can offer outstanding tax resolution recommendations for your personal tax situation, and we provide free tax relief consultations to individuals and businesses nationwide.

Please call us today to learn more. Dayes Law Firm offers a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your particular circumstances and we are more than happy to talk you through how we may be able to help you during this initial evolution. Contact our team today to get started!