RuthAnn James, a valued peer of the attorneys at Dayes Law Firm and a member of the Phillips Law Group team for years, was recently elected and promoted to Partner Attorney at her firm. In honor of this amazing accomplishment, Phillips Law Group hosted a happy hour event to commemorate her success, and members of the Dayes Law Firm team attended to congratulate her and show support for her promotion.

Who Is RuthAnn James?

Prior to becoming a Partner Attorney at our partner firm, RuthAnn James pursued her academic journey and earned her undergraduate degree in Literature and Communications from Pace University in Pleasantville, NY. Following this, she continued her education at Pace University School of Law in White Plains, NY, where she obtained her Juris Doctorate. Shortly thereafter, she began her legal career in the Phoenix area.

RuthAnn joined the team at Phillips Law Group in June 2009. Since then, she has fought to pursue justice for victims hurt as a result of another’s negligence, and we have had the honor of watching as she became the amazing legal colleague we know her to be.

‘Honored and Excited’

“I am truly honored and excited about being named a partner at Phillips Law Group.”           RuthAnn James

“During my time here at PLG I have watched this firm grow, transform, and evolve into a revolutionary state-of-the-art firm that stays true to our mission statement and commitment to our clients. We exist because of our clients.”

“It is our supreme commitment to constantly improve the way we can represent them in ways superior to that of other firms. This is truly inspiring to me,” she added. 

“Phillips Law Group is not complaisant. The leadership is not content with results that are good enough for other firms. This firm is led by visionaries where everything is possible especially when it comes to championing the rights of our clients. I am so pleased to be recognized by our PLG family with this honor.”

Celebrating RuthAnn

To mark the special occasion, Phillips Law Group put on a happy hour event in early April, and members of the Dayes Law Firm team were invited to join in the festivities. 

“She was super happy,” Ilce Plancarte, Community Outreach Coordinator at Phillips Law Group and friend to Dayes, said of RuthAnn’s demeanor at the celebration. RuthAnn’s family and several members of Phillips Law Group attended as well, and we were all there to celebrate her incredible triumph. 

We are extremely proud of RuthAnn James and her promotion to Partner Attorney at her firm. Here at Dayes Law Firm, we know she has offered excellent representation to her clients for many years and we’ve had the opportunity to watch her grow significantly as an attorney over the past few years. Congratulations, RuthAnn!