Tax resolution services are vitally important for individuals and businesses grappling with complex tax issues. While tax professionals like the ones at Dayes Law Firm can do most of the heavy lifting for you if you need tax resolution assistance, it’s not a bad idea to have a grasp on the key aspects of tax resolution services so you understand the process you’ll go through if you need relief in the form of tax resolution.

Negotiating Settlements

Assisting taxpayers in negotiating settlements with tax authorities is an important factor in tax resolution work. This often includes facilitating installment agreements and, at times, reducing the total amount owed via offers in compromise.

Audit Representation

Tax resolution service providers represent taxpayer clients during audits, acting as a safeguard for their rights and providing necessary documentation and explanations to tax authorities.

Filing of Back Taxes

Another key aspect of tax resolution services is assisting with the preparation and filing of overdue tax returns. This helps taxpayers comply with their tax obligations and may help put them on track to do better in the future.

Penalty Abatements

In tax resolution matters, nearly all clients will be eligible for first penalty abatements (pending their compliance history). This process involves requesting a reduction or removal of penalties and interest imposed for unpaid taxes due to reasonable cause or as part of a settlement agreement.

Tax Liens and Levies Resolution

Tax resolution service providers strive to get tax liens (claims against a taxpayer’s property) or levies (seizure of property) lifted by resolving underlying tax debt. The ultimate aim is to safeguard the taxpayer’s assets from possible seizure by the IRS.

Innocent Spouse Relief Assistance

Assisting taxpayers in applying for relief if they believe they should not be held responsible for tax liabilities that are a result of their spouse’s or former spouse’s actions.

How a Tax Resolution Specialist Can Help

There are other aspects of tax resolution services that a tax resolution specialist can help with – particularly a tax attorney with ample experience in this area. For instance, they can provide guidance on tax planning strategies to minimize future tax liabilities and evade further tax problems in the future.

Dayes Law Firm can help with tax resolution and other tax matters. Our team is nationally renowned for its dedication to customers and outstanding client service in tax law, and our firm has been in business for years. We are known and trusted in the Arizona community, and if you need assistance with tax resolution, we can help.

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