In certain situations, Social Security Disability recipients may find themselves needing to verify their eligibility for benefits and provide proof of the income they are receiving. When this happens, they will need to request a Benefit Verification letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Benefit Verification letters, sometimes referred to as “budget letters,” as “benefit letters,” or as “proof of income letters”, are different than Social Security Award letters, which are sent to inform approval of disability benefits. Below, Dayes Law Firm discusses the importance of these letters in greater detail.

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Social Security Benefit Verification Letter

A Benefit Verification letter can serve as proof of receiving Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and help you keep track of your monthly earnings. This letter can also be utilized to show that you have applied for either program.

Benefit Verification letters can even serve as proof of your retirement or Medicare benefits. If you request this letter, it will include your name, date of birth, benefits received and any other identifiers in order to reduce the risk of fraud or misuse.   

When Proof of Income is Required

This letter is often used when proof of income is required. Examples include when you are applying for a loan, mortgage, housing assistance or another program that needs to verify your income.  

When this letter is requested, you have the ability to include or not include certain information that is not relevant or pertinent to your situation.  

What If I Am Not Receiving Disability Benefits?

Even if you are not currently receiving disability benefits, a Benefit Verification letter can verify your total earnings and estimate the total number of taxes you have paid into Social Security. It can also help show the amount you may likely receive from disability or retirement benefits if you decide to apply.

This letter can even be used to prove that you never received benefits from either program, that you have already applied for benefits, or that you previously received benefits but no longer do.   

How to Obtain a Benefit Verification Letter

To obtain a Benefit Verification letter, you and/or your lawyer will need to submit an online request. An account must be created if you do not already have one on the SSA website. Personal information will need to be submitted to verify your identity.

Once an account has been created, this letter will be accessible online. You can view, print or save this letter. A copy can also be requested via telephone by contacting your local Social Security field office.

It is important to note that this letter cannot be obtained online if someone requests this letter on behalf of a spouse or child unless he or she is a beneficiary.   

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