Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are an important lifeline for thousands of Americans who can no longer work because of a debilitating illness or condition. Unfortunately, the process for applying for these benefits can be a long and complicated one.

A successful application not only requires that you meet strict eligibility requirements, but also that you avoid common mistakes in your application that can delay your claim or lead to a denial of benefits. Some of the most common mistakes applicants make are:

Incomplete Information

The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires a significant amount of information in order to determine if you qualify for benefits. It will need to know about your medical history, employment, education, income and more.

It is vital that you thoroughly answer all of their questions and provide the appropriate documentation that is requested. Any information that is left out of your application could prevent you from getting the benefits you need.

Incorrect Information

Just as it is important that you provide all of the necessary information, it is also important that the information you are giving the SSA is accurate and correct.

If the name of your doctor or medical clinic is spelled wrong, if the phone number you provide is incorrect or if you misspell the names of the medications you are taking, the SSA may not be able to accurately evaluate your medical history and current condition. This could lead to a denial of benefits that you are actually eligible to receive.

Conflicting Information

The only information the SSA has for evaluating your condition is in the documents included with your application. If you make certain statements in one part of the application and then state something that contradicts them in another, your credibility in the eyes of the SSA is greatly decreased.

This could lead to disability examiners not believing that your condition is as severe as you say it is.

Missing Application Deadlines

The SSA will often request additional information or documentation by mail. If you fail to provide the requested information by the posted date, you risk your application being denied.

Because applying for benefits is a complex process, you should consider hiring a qualified disability lawyer to guide you through the process. Our team of attorneys is experienced in helping our clients get the disability benefits they need. We can review the details of your application and gather the necessary documentation to ensure your application is complete and correct.

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