With the Social Security Administrations Compassionate Allowances program, people with qualifying conditions like early onset Alzheimer’s disease may receive disability benefits. Once you are diagnosed and know you qualify for Social Security Disability, documentation is important. It is also a good idea to speak with a disability lawyer.

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From terminal to mental illness, there are a range of conditions qualify you to receive a Compassionate Allowance. Early onset Alzheimer’s disease is one of the qualifying conditions. Early onset Alzheimer’s affects a person who is not yet 65 years of age. Characterized by dementia, loss of cognitive abilities, loss of memory and lack of sound judgement, it is a brain disease that impairs your ability to function independently.

While medical science has made gains in understanding Alzheimer’s disease, there is no cure or treatment to slow disease progression. From the onset, the majority of people can anticipate living between eight to ten years.

Even though a verified diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease qualifies you or your loved one to receive Social Security Disability benefits, clinical records are necessary from your primary care doctor or specialist. These records will include the results of standard tests. A daily living report is required as well and should be completed by your primary caregiver or family member.

Filing for Social Security Disability on your own if you have early onset Alzheimer’s disease is not recommended. The system can be challenging and complicated to navigate and it is helpful to have an experienced lawyer working on your behalf who is familiar with the Social Security Disability system.

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