Sometimes the Social Security Administration (SSA) will request a consultative exam after you have submitted your disability benefits claim. This is a common request if the administration feels that there isn’t quite enough medical information to prove the debilitating qualities of your disability.

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What should you expect if you have received a request for a consultative exam?

If you have been asked to participate in a consultative exam, do not ignore it. The fact that you have received this letter means that the administration is reviewing your claim and needs more information before making its decision. It is very important that you schedule your appointment sooner rather than later, so as to speed up the evaluation of your claim.

The SSA contracts with independent physicians who perform the exams, so don’t be surprised if you have to visit a doctor who you have not seen before. If you are concerned that the doctor may not have the full picture of your condition because they do not know your personal medical history, you can request that your records be released to the doctor.

You should also be aware of the fact that the examiner will be observing your movements and abilities even outside of the exam room to get a more comprehensive idea of your condition. You should be cognizant of your actions as you are getting in or out of your car, walking to or from the building and while sitting in the waiting room.

The doctor will fully evaluate your medical condition and compile a report for the SSA, but they will not provide you with any treatment recommendations. Their role is solely to confirm your condition.

The report will then be sent to the SSA to make the final decision about your claim. You also have the ability to request that the results be sent to your primary physician.

If your claim has not been approved, you should consider consulting a disability benefits lawyer who can help you through the appeals process. With in-depth knowledge of the SSA and its claims process, our disability benefits lawyers can help you get the benefits you need.

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