For many Americans, receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be a great help when they are no longer able to work. But, unfortunately, some put off beginning the application process and prolong the wait to receive help.

The sooner you are able to start the application process, the better when it comes to this complex system that could take longer than you may expect to receive benefits.

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Don’t Wait

If you need SSD benefits, don’t wait and delay the process any longer than necessary. Its a complicated process that will take time. Here are a few reasons you should start now:

  • Before you even begin to fill out an application, you will need to gather the necessary information, like personal information, disability documents, work history and medical records. Because you’ll need to work with third parties such as your doctors office and former employers to gather this information, give yourself time to collect everything.
  • Your application needs to be filled out completely and correctly. If any important information or details are missing or completed incorrectly, you are risking your application being denied. You wont want to wait till the last minute and then rush through these important details.
  • The application review could take a significant amount of time, maybe months or even a year in certain areas where it is difficult to get before a judge.
  • A majority of claims are denied after the first application, so there is a chance that you will have to appeal a denial, further delaying your benefits.

As is clear from this list, applying for SSD is a complex process that can have many unforeseen delays. Having a team of legal professionals on your side can help make sure that all paperwork is properly completed and that you have all information ready.

If your SSD claim has been denied, Dayes Law Firm PC can work with you to help prove your case for benefits.

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